Authentic Marble Hammam

It’s a unique experience dating back to the Roman period. It’s a privilege which adds value to hotels and houses. Hammams which offer a very healthy and relaxing bathing ritual are built completely out of marble. Marbles such as the Marmara white marble whose water permeability and absorbency are extremely low are used in the construction. The fact that hammams are made of marbles allows you to heat them up to a high temperature. The hot and steamy environment that occurs in the hammam prepares you for the scrubbing ritual. You get rid of your dead cells by scrubbing. You feel your muscles relaxing with the high temperature. Have a privileged place where you can get away from stress and relax. Let us design its project and deliver your turn-key Authentic Hammam.

STAREL offers different sizes, authentic marble hammam and luxury stylish bathrooms for your hotel projects.