Bluestone Marble Uses

Bluestone is famous for its durability, and people often forget what an elegant stone it really is. The colour and style in the bluestone range are outstanding. Colours range from deep, almost black blues to fine blue-greys. You really don’t have to make any compromises with bluestone. It goes with everything, every colour scheme and every taste. Bluestone is an option used both commercially and residentially. An ideal option for Interior and Exterior spaces that seeks a peaceful differentiation through serene and distinguished tones.

The colour blue: Represents both the sea and sky. It’s associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. What a fabulous way to portray all these aspects in their true, natural form. It’s also calming and soothing so ideal for any space.

Overall, Bluestone Marble, sourced from the best quarries around the Europe and is quality checked to the highest standards, Just like all our other natural stone products. Nature offers such huge inspiration both for interior design as well as architecture. The use of natural and sustainable products and surfaces is not only a hot trend for Spring/Summer but also a positive step for the environment. 

Bluestone finishes-

Honed, has a matte, unpolished finish. The surface does not reflect light. Non slippery and can be used for wet room floors and walls.

Tumbled, has been buffed, resulting in a smooth but distressed/weathered, look, definitely influences the aesthetics of any project. Non slippery and can be used for wet room floors and walls.

Polished, even, displaying a high-end and classy feel, impressive when used in highly visible areas. Suitable for wet room walls and floors when used in the small formats such as metro and mosaics.

Polished, Honed and Tumbled marble finishes.

Using Bluestone Marble

Using Bluestone marble mosaics for decorating the bathroom walls, kitchen splash-backs, and creating bespoke feature walls. Our polished Bluestone Marble Collection will certainly capture your attention. Why not try our gorgeous and modern Bluestone Marble Pill Mosaics. Only available here, with us at They are exciting, unique, and personally one of our favourites.

Bluestone Marble is available in a variety of formats:

Metro, Pills, Herringbone, Scallop (fan), Chequerboard, and Hexagon Mosaics are a fantastic way to brighten up any space, expressing your individual taste and inner artist.

Our Bluestone/Alpina Marble Window Mosaic Tiles feature our Bluestone Marble encased by the equally luxurious Alpina Marble. Above you can see how well they relate with our Larger-scale Polished Bluestone Tiles. Creating that dreamy bathroom you’ve always wished for with a pure, modern and contemporary feel.

Bluestone Marble Basin’s are a perfect addition to your bathroom with its sleek curvatures, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfectly accompanies our Bluestone and Alpina Marble Ranges. Why not venture to our website for different types of basins, to get an idea of what you can achieve.

Bluestone paving is another very useful option, particularly if you’re matching other bluestone design features. It’s the classic driveway stone, able to withstand significant loads without any risk of stress. It looks good, needs minimal maintenance, and is completely reliable in this role. Paths laid with Bluestone Marble, look beautiful too. Some bluestones have already outlasted the pre-historic era, so they’re well prepared to deal with a family home full of kids, animals and so on.

Compatible with Bluestone

Bluestone is easily matched with a variety of tones, shades and patterns.

For a Classic finish, we recommend our Alpina white or Calacatta white marble to accompany the bluestone marble in gloss for the walls, tumbled or honed for the floor.

For a Modern finish, we recommend our Bluestone and Alpina white window mosaics and the larger Bluestone tiles to follow for the walls. Gloss appearance works best for this option.

For the Creative finish, we would recommend our Bluestone scallop mosaics also known as fan mosaics which are a popular favourite currently, for the walls. Hexagon mosaic tiles for the floor, mixing both in small amounts in various places, with a variety of our other tile colours such as Tundra Grey (Light grey with white streaks), Grey Rosa (Blush pink and grey), Rosso Levanto (Deep red with white streaks), or the quirky and beautiful Viola marble (White with Violet streaks). But you can try this with all tile shapes and sizes, creating the perfect bespoke design.

Grand finale why not add, copper, brass, gold, and silver accessories such as taps, and handles to really boost the wow factor.  Adding one of our Bluestone marble sinks, which are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes in the most luxurious curves. All-natural stone products are available on our website. We recommend sealing all our natural stone products before use.