Classic White Marble In The Bathroom

White marble is returning as a historically forever popular favourite. And I can’t blame it to be honest. With white marble’s natural beauty and elegant appearance. Why wouldn’t you? The colour white itself represents purity and peace. We all want a bit of that, if not more. If you’re looking for an on-trend, modern bathroom, then this is it.

Due to modern technologies, Marble is sourced now at an affordable rate. Which you may have dismissed due to previous price-tags. We can now offer all our marble, here today for you at Starel Stones for a reasonable price. Especially with our 30% off Summer Sale. So what’s not to love. The elegance, and sophistication and the not so luxury price-tag, It’s a win-win in my eyes.

You can decorate with minute White Marble details, maybe go extravagant with the whole bathroom, or even a feature wall in your kitchen. There’s endless-possibilities.

White Marble is for the flawless finish (we all get excited for a little bit of luxury) a clinical almost, sanitary pleasing atmosphere, somewhere you can definitely let your hair down and relaaaax….

To add a bit of sophistication, Why not add some chrome fittings, or for an all out, making a statement piece, jazz it up with some gold. Both finishes are lovely and invitingly playful.

Creating: A Modern/Contemporary Bathroom- Simple, yet stylish

For this sophisticated and elegant look then our beautiful Large White Marble Slabs (600 x 1220 inches) are ideal for the walls with minimal grout lines, and then there’s our ever popular White Marble Tiles in XL Hexagon or Herringbone Tile formats which are a perfect match made in heaven for the floor.

Creating: A Victorian/Georgian/Classic Bathroom- For a creative and intricate look A few of our customer’s favourites are the White Marble and Nero Black Basket-weave for the floors separated by a white Marble Dado rail, then our Nero Black & White Chequerboard tiles to finish the walls and even pencil liners and skirtings to finish. (All available on our site)

Explore our marble and cement tile collections today, now on limited time offer, Summer Sale 30% Off. Feel free to contact us with questions and design queries on 020 3752 3045 or email us on