Encaustic Cement Tiles Buyers Guide

Production: Quality not quantity

Exclusively handmade, Our Encaustic cement tiles are perfectly hand-poured by specialist artisans to create the optimal option for a contemporary or classic interior/ exterior, especially for commercial use. Consciously crafted with fine and coarse marble granules to fortify/ create each individual tile. Boasting exceptional colour ranges and hand-finished to high-quality standards. Enthralling qualities of heat and scratch resistance. Encaustic cement tiles are hard-wearing and suitable for high-traffic areas, such as the stairs, floors, and walls. Often seen in high-end shops, hotels, and spas because of their durability, low maintenance, and natural beauty. Would be perfect for use in and around your home, bar, restaurant, and coffee shop too. Often used on countertops and fireplaces.


A little history:

During the 13th Century, Encaustic cement tiles were then created by impressing a pattern in the unfired clay, using a carved wooden mould. The resulting indentations were filled with a clay liquid or a slip of contrasting colour. The tile body was usually of red colour and white slip patterns. Tiles were then lead glazed (usual scraps from roofing and window making) skimming off the lead oxide which formed on the surface. They were powdered and mixed with water and some form of gum so they could adhere to the tile’s surface. Fired in a wood-burning kiln at around 1000 degrees, the glaze melted and formed a layer over the tile.


The importance of cement tiles is that they are broad, as all cement tiles require to be re-polished/ buffed every 20years, and will need a good layer to do so. Our tiles are individually created so that they can be buffed at least 2-3 times over providing you with a significant time of wear, and keeping them looking as good as new for longer. We have attached an image of our cement tiles vs another tile producer and you can clearly see the differences:

Tile Comparisons
 Starel Stones Tile Others
Soft and smoothRaw and bumpy
Calibrated on both sides with straight rectified edgesEmbossed (mass produced), un-even and weathered
A mix of visible granules to strengthen and perfect fresh look once re-polished decades later.Fine granules which will not strengthen the tile and may cause problems in future when re-polished.
Boast a deep stable pattern, crisp & clear designMottled appearance, Fine air holes
Corners are sharp, straight & smoothTile compressed, resulting in drips and varied levels. Corners and edges crumbled
Smooth & sleek to the touchRough and unfinished
Straight, rectified edges.
Calibrated front and back and thicker pigment layer.
Seamless texture without air bubbles and micro gaps.

Why not visit our website and see the available tiles we have on offer. Below are just a few examples:

Patterned Floor & Wall Tiles– Black Clover, Light Grey Spark, Green/Blue Victorian & Pink/Black Maze

Plain Square Tiles– Available in White, Peach, Pink & Black

 Square with Triangle Floor & Wall Tiles– White Triangle & Black, Pink, Orange, Peach, Grey, Green

Terrazzo Floor & Wall Tiles– Black and White

Bespoke: Each of our expertly crafted encaustic cement tiles can be tailored to your requirements. Whether that’s a unique pattern or a whole new colour palette. The options are endless.

Commercial use– Often found in popular restaurants. Admiring these tiles due to their distinct and vibrant patterns that portray a fun and happy vibe, as well as durability.

Residential Use- Families enjoy brightening up their living spaces with these alluring tiles, hard-wearing and the kids seem to love them too. Why not add a bit of vibrancy to your cocktail bar.