Advantages Of Our Company 

  • PRICE! The price advantage is the first advantage of working directly with our factory.
  • FLEXIBILITY! We can respond to all your bespoke orders related material type, stone type, colour, size, pattern, coating and textures.
  • SPEED! Your requests regarding your technical problems and design requirements will be responded immediately thanks to our qualified technicians and design team.
  • FULL RESPONSIBILITY & CONTROL! Beginning from the supplying of marble blocks till laying tiles.

We offer only natural stones 

Benefits Of Natural Stones

  • Prime benefit of stone is to be NATURAL. Their colours become from nature, not include any chemicals. 
  • Every piece of stone is UNIQUE. 
  • Natural Stone looks better when it gets older, will not wear over time. Stone is the most DURABLE. 
  • Nature gives numerous COLOUR VARIATIONS to natural stones. none of the painted products like ceramic and porcelain can capture these amazing colours.   
  • WORKABILITY. you can cut, shape, chisel, bevel and tumble natural stone.
  • Natural stone allows easy TRANSFERING OF HEAT for ground heating systems. 
  • VERSATILITY. possible to design in a wide range of styles, different textures and use many impressive colours.