Terrazzo and Marble

Its no secret that terrazzo tiles are popular then ever before! You probably already have seen beautifully done interiors with terrazzo tiles on Pinterest and across the social platforms. Today I would like to talk about one of the most beautiful combinations of porcelain and marble.

In my recent trip to Turkey (before the whole world was shut dawn because of the COVID-19) I visited one of our recent projects in Mediterranean which was a beautifully designed restaurant by the sea, with bold use of our Terrazzo Dark but at the same time in combination with natural stones like Nero Marquina and Calacatta Oro.

Designers of the space did a gorgeous job at outlining natural stone while having a terrazzo tiles on the entire ground floor. Pieces like marble Nero Marquina tables and Calacatta Oliva bar bring dynamic look to the room.

Now lets have a look at how we can implement use of terrazzo and natural stone in our interiors. Lets think of a bathroom for example, because our terrazzo tiles are offered in a large formats like 800x800mm it allows us to use something smaller in size for the natural stone, like marble mosaic or maybe metro tiles.

Depending on the look you are going after your selection of terrazzo will very so will selection of marble too. When you are using natural stone you want to avoid using too colourful terrazzo tiles so that its not overwhelming and doesn’t shadow natural stone, unless you are using very bright and colourful stone like Red Travertine or Verde Green Marble. As long as we are matching at least one colour of terrazzo to the mosaic we are having it will be a good combination.

Lets have a look at the examples.

Terrazzo Dark & Herringbone Carrara Complimenting whites in terrazzo dark with the white Carrara marble mosaic.

Terrazzo Classic & Rojo Alicante square mosaic Complimenting Oranges in terrazzo classic with warm Rojo Alicante marble mosaic.

Alternative to the previous Terrazzo dark combination, Terrazzo Dark and Calacatta Oliva marble.

Another great example, Nero Marquina marble complimenting whites and blacks in Terrazzo Dark also can be used with any other mosaic pattern in Nero Marquina.

And these are only few examples, there are a lot of combinations you can match with any terrazzo. I hope this will help you to make a decision if you weren’t sure about using stone and terrazzo together or maybe using them separately, in the end of the day its all about your personal preference and only! Both natural stone and terrazzo tiles look great on their own too.

If you are not sure about material or colour selection, you can always give us a call on 020 3752 3045 and one of our specialists will be more then happy to help you with your choice!

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