Why Choose Chevron Marble Tiles Over Herringbone.

There is so much choice when it comes to choosing flooring, especially when it comes to stone tiles. Without a doubt, marble flooring adds a sophisticated touch to any floor, and your choice of colour or pattern may be dominated by the decor and furnishing of the room. But why should you choose marble chevron tiles over anything else?

The chevron has a strong art deco styling, with it’s emphasis on symmetry. It derives from the 14th century, and its resemblance to the pattern of building rafters. It can be seen in 19th century Greek ceramics, and the repeated carved moulding of Byzantine architecture, and is a foundation for modern textile design.

Marble has been the returning champion of flooring materials in 2019. It’s association with luxury and quality adds instant glamour to any home. The satisfying tessellation of precision crafted tiles, creating an opulent base to your room. For a different style, chevron tiles, making that unique “V” shape, stand out even more.

Both chevron and herringbone tiles create that distinctive shape, but whereas herringbone tiles are rectangular in shape, the parallelogram chevron tiles create a little more order in their arrangement. The option to create orderly rows of tiles can draw the eye in a particular direction, creating a focal point in the room.

There is a vast choice of beautiful marble chevron tiles, to suit any room required. View our range, as well as our design service today.