Make the Most of Our up to 40% Off Sale

With budget-friendly prices you cannot afford to miss. What better way to treat yourself whilst renovating, to affordable premium marble at un-beatable prices. Whether you’re ready for a new glamourous bathroom and/or a modernised kitchen? Luxurious flooring? extravagant walls? dressing your chimney hearth in pure luxury? or maybe a glorious splashback for all that unwanted mess? We can order a great selection and variety of tiles to match your style and reach your needs. So why not have a glance, I’m pretty sure there will be something that will take your fancy.

Chequerboard tiles are having a resurgence with the design industry. A popular design chosen for its versatility. Whether it’s a monochrome, vintage aesthetic you desire? Or a softer, brighter, modern version with lighter accompanying tiles? Chequerboard tiles are a fantastic option for all floors including halls, and even the walls.

Our Nero Marquina Marble and White Marble Square Tiles are a charming option to create the perfect Victorian, timeless setting. With Nero Marquina Marble being a dark, yet inviting black with bright white streaking, and the White Marble which inherits faint grey blotches and streaking amongst the white.

For the softer version, we can offer the glamourous and very sought-after Calacatta White Marble as an example, showcasing its very faint and light grey blotching/streaking amongst the white. And, Our Diana Royal Marble which is beautifully nutty and warm.

Other optional marbles you can use for this design are the Terra Marble Square Tiles which are rich with mahogany hues, or……a little drum roll please….. A new and exciting version of the Bluestone Marble in square format. Which will appear on our website very soon, so keep an eye out.

Examples of the marble’s we have on offer are listed above and below, also in various formats there will be more items added to the sale too.

White Marble against Diana Royal in honed, square format

Our White Marble consists of a white background with white and grey blotching, ideal for brightening up any room.

Diana Royal in honed, herringbone format

Our Diana Royal Marble is a more warmer option offering it’s nutty and beige hues.

Terra Marble in honed, metro format

Terra Marble is a mixture of lighter greys and warmer browns, ranging up to walnut.