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Starel Stones have been leading the way in bespoke natural stone and mosaic tile manufacturing for years. As a family run business, our aim is to provide the highest quality product possible, at great value.

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Our factory is equipped with high tech machinery including bridge saw for slabs and XL tiles and waterjet for most beautiful and complex mosaic patterns.
With our endless factory possibilities we help hundreds of homeowners every year creating their dream homes.

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Guildford Showroom

Are you ready to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces? Look no further, for a world of sophistication and elegance awaits you at our newly inaugurated marble tile showroom on Guildford High Street! … Continued

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Charms of White Marbles

Introduction: White marbles are timeless and elegant natural stones that have adorned grand architectural masterpieces for centuries. Renowned for their pristine appearance and versatility, white marbles have been a symbol of luxury and refinement in … Continued

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