Calacatta Amber Marble Tile Collection

Our Amber Calacatta marble provides elegance and sophistication. Whether your bathroom walls and floors need revitalising, require a glamorous fascia for your kitchen island, a splash-back in the kitchen, or even laid barely on the chimney hearth our Amber Calacatta Marble looks beautiful and what’s better is that the possibilities are endless.


Winter Ready

With winter quickly approaching our Amber Calacatta marble tiles will surely add some warmth and comfort to your home with the gorgeous creamy white marble and amber veining. Perfectly adorned with brass accents, such as taps, handles, radiators, and, sinks for the true luxe appeal.

Calacatta amber is available in large variety of tile sizes, patterns and mosaic formats to create that space you desire. Large 305x610mm tiles available for walls while smaller 75x305mm size tiles ar ideal to be tiled in herringbone pattern on both walls and floors. Mosaics like hexagons, herringbones, scallops, chevrons and even new curved hexagons are ideal for shower enclosures, splash-backs, shower niches and more.


Amber Calacatta Marble vs White Marble

Amber Calacatta marble is a more traditional, warming marble. Luxury, limited, and very sought after. With its gorgeous biscuity veins and welcoming soft amber tones. Perfect for the sandy beach vibes, pine and white details combine well with Amber Calacatta.

White marble on the other hand possesses cooler tones, readily available and affordable, with its delicate light greys creating a cooler appearance overall.

Rendering and Accessorising

If you want to add a more vintage vibe, why not render the tiles in brown or cream? Adding warmer accents and brightly painted but worn-out accessories to succeed in contrast and add a pop to the project.

For a more glamourous appearance bright white render works well. Introducing gold accents and carved wooden sculptures creates an aesthetic, yet luxurious feel.