Monocrome Tiles & Mosaics

You might have already seen our new Monochrome Collection. Well in this post we wanted to talk a little bit more about the simple, yet so beautiful black and white colour combination in our tiles.

Black and White marble combination has been used in the interiors and exteriors for decades now, especially famous Checkerboard pattern on Victorian house porches and bathroom floors is probably the best example of it. But we believe that this marble combination has more to it than just checkerboard pattern. Thats why we brought 3 new Herringbone mosaics to go with the opposite colours of themselves. And many other interesting new models.

Marble Mosaics & Tiles

As you may have already guessed most of our mosaics have their opposite colour variation to go with them. These types of combinations can be used to create both classic victorian as well as modern and contemporary interiors.

While having chips mixed on the walls/floors will bring more modern and dynamic vibe to it, having one colour pattern on floors and another on the walls will make it easier to create Victorian or Georgian look.

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