Tiles That Will Make You Glow This Winter

After a glorious summer here on the south coast; and winter readily approaching. The warmer wardrobe is coming into play. Especially today’s forecast when the clouds are no longer white and fluffy but instead are filled with deep dark un-inviting greys and showers are on the horizon. Oh, the joys of British winter.

Everyone eager to find the heat elsewhere. But why should you? When you can add the cosiness and warming vibes to your projects, here. The natural marbles mentioned below are rare, astonishing and are most often used in high-end, commercial settings. Such as the luxurious 5* Hotel, London, upmarket clubs, and restaurants. Highly sought after for their weather withstanding properties and elegant looks.

Everyone loves the warmth and ignition they receive from the sun’s avid rays, so why not in turn use warmer, natural tones within your space? Natural marble inherits all their stunning, individual details such as bright, contrasting veins, mottled hues, and sea foam-like properties. Not only adding comfort but also enhancing the overall appearance.

With our Arabescato marble, characterised by it’s striking white background, vibrant purples and rich gold veining perfect for any atmosphere. Screaming luxury, in a deep and psychological way. An intelligent and appealing option often used in classy restrooms, exquisite bathrooms, inviting hallways, uptown bars, high-end restaurant areas, dressing countertops and used as feature walls portraying success.


For more softer detailing the Calacatta Verde honed marble would be the perfect choice. A winter white background, with hints of creams, greens and golds. A perfect addition to any project. What is also great about this marble is that we have matching basins and dado rails for that perfect all out finish. Decorating your space such as rooms and suites, with pure elegance and sumptuous beauty.

Calacatta Verde White Marble Tiles
Calacatta Verde White Marble Tiles

For those who love purple hues and details, the Calacatta Viola would be your savior. With its punchy violet streaking, enthralling the whiteness of the marble, definitely intrigues most. Very popular currently, and also easily accessorised. With its bold hues, perfectly fitting for royalty, associated with power and wealth. Used in famous kitchens, bathrooms, en-suites, suites, retail, and many more. Available in a variety of tile formats such as herringbone tiles, hexagon, triangle, medallion and triangle mosaics.

Calacatta Viola Lilac Marble Tiles

All of our premium marble tiles with a glorious touch of exaggeration can be used universally. That means commercially, residentially, on your ceilings so you can stare at them whilst laid back in bed taking in their almighty beauty, on your staircases giving your soles the enjoyment of different textures.